I I K K I  is a french edition project which is the result of a dialog between a visual artist and a music artist. The books are focused on a fine art book which work as series.

Each publishing works in two physical imprints  

a fine art book and a disc (vinyl/cd). 

It should be experienced in different ways : 

the book read alone

the disc listened to alone 

the book and the disc read and listened to together. 

L A A P S is our parallel label project since January 2020.

In sounds, and "just" in sounds (no books).

L A A P S works as eight releases each year.

Two for each of the four seasons and each seasons has a sound imprint.

Each release start with the end of the previous one.

In sounds and visually. 

It’s a permanent continuity and an exquisite corpse puzzle in 100 points.

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(note: due to the limited editions each year we don't accept unsolicited demos or/and publishing requests)

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legal notice : I I K K I ~ 22490 Plouer-sur-rance, France.

publishing director : mathias van eecloo

graphic designer (book + vinyl) : sprflxgrfzm