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A L L  O T H E R  V O I C E S  G O N E,

O N L Y  Y O U R S  R E M A I N S

P H O T O G R A P H Y : N I E V E S  M I N G U E Z A

M U S I C : T H E  H U M B L E E  B E E  &  O F F T H E S K Y

J U L Y 1 5 T H, 2 0 1 9 


Nieves Mingueza is an experimental and independent artist using photography and other visual media. Born in Spain, based in London. The often-cinematic themes in her projects have in common her fascination with old books, film stills, vintage cameras, poetry and minimal drawings. Nieves' work is ultimately about the foggy relationship between fiction and reality. Additionally, she is exploring about immigration, mental health and human conflicts. (


The Humble Bee is the solo project from Craig Tattersall, a former member of The Remote Viewer and Famous Boyfriend bandmate Andrew Johnson. Tattersall's music can be found these days more often under his alias The Humble Bee; as a founder member of The Boats; and in his collaborative works with the likes of Bill Seaman in The Seaman And The Tattered Sail. He has run the wonderful label Cotton Goods from 2008 to 2015 and since 2009 he has recorded 9 albums on his moniker The Humble Bee.(


Originally from Kentucky, since 15 years, Offthesky is the prolific musician Jason Corder who currently resides in Denver, Colorado in the United States. His catalogue shows over 70 albums which have been released by a number of labels such as Databloem, Dronarivm, Eilean Rec., Hibernate, Home Normal, Rural Colours, SEM Label, Wist Rec.



Initiated by IIKKI, between October 2018 and June 2019,

All Other Voices Gone, Only Yours Remains is their dialog. 


               E D I T I O N

  • Book: limited edition to 300 copies, hand numbered & hand stamped. 

      hardcover book (24 cm x 22 cm) on Munken Print, 80 pages, 50 photos, printed on                Munken Print White Main 1.8 115g/m2, logo, slot and circle embossed,

      matt laminate soft touch finish with selective varnish. 

      weight: 0,48 Kg

      ISBN: 978-2-9557953-8-5


  • Vinyl: limited edition to 300 copies, hand numbered. 

      DDM cut, 12'' black vinyl 180gm, matt outer sleeve + UV selective varnish on 350gm              paper, black paper inners. mastered by Jason Corder.

  • Cd: limited edition to 200 copies, glass mastered. hand numbered.

      selective varnish on the artwork mastered by Jason Corder.

      available HERE



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