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C U T  O F F

P H O T O G R A P H Y : D M I T R I  M A R K O V

M U S I C : A R I E S  M O N D

M A R C H  1 8 T H , 2 0 1 9 


Dmitri Markov is a russian documental photographer, social worker, volunteer and journalist from Pskov. His only camera is an iPhone, with a sharp eye he documents life in the ex-URSS without any artifice. His works are simply some everyday life’s scenes with a particular sense of beauty and a wonderful talent. He has been laureate from many international competitions. Cut Off is his second book. 


« I like traveling around the country and taking pictures of ordinary lives of ordinary people. It is sad to hear people say that I capture the seamy side. I don’t see anything horrible in these pictures of mine. They are not just “social photography”, as many people see them, they are my personal encounters and scenes. Every added picture is like another chapter in my own history. And when I get asked why I go after “life’s unpleasant side”, I reply: “Because I’m part of it.” » (


After his first works based on field recording, Aries Mond has started to work with music instruments in 2012. Mostly focused on piano. His first album has been released on eilean rec. in 2018 and Cut Off is his second album. Aries Mond also composes music for contemporary theatre. He lives in southern of France, in the Pyrénées.



Initiated by IIKKI, between October 2017 and December 2018,

Cut Off is their dialog. 


               E D I T I O N

  • Book: limited edition to 500 copies, hand numbered & hand stamped. 

      hardcover book (24 cm x 22 cm) on Munken Print, 96 pages, 109 photos, printed on              Munken Print White Main 1.8 115g/m2, logo, slot and circle embossed,

      matt laminate soft touch finish with selective varnish. 

     weight: 0,54 Kg

     ISBN: 978-2-9557953-7-8


  • Vinyl: limited edition to 300 copies, hand numbered. 

      DDM cut, 12'' black vinyl 180gm, matt outer sleeve + UV selective varnish on 350gm              paper, black paper inners. mastered by Taylor Deupree.

  • Cd: limited edition to 200 copies, glass mastered. hand numbered.

      selective varnish on the artwork mastered by Taylor Deupree.

      available HERE



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