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F L O W E R S  B L O O M ,  B U T T E R F L I E S  C O M E

P H O T O G R A P H Y :  M I H O  K A J I O K A

M U S I C :  I A N  H A W G O O D  &  C R A I G  T A T T E R S A L L  ( O B S E R V A T O R I E S )

M A R C H  2 5 T H , 2 0 2 1 


Miho Kajioka (b. 1973, Japan, lives in Kyoto) is an artist and a photographer since 2011. « Kajioka's artistic practice is in principal snapshot based; she carries her camera everywhere and intuitively takes photos of whatever she finds interesting. These collected images serve as the basic material for her work in the darkroom where she creates her poetic and suggestive image-objects through elaborate, alternative printing methods. Kajioka regards herself more as a painter/drawer than as a photographer. She feels that photographic techniques help her to create works that fully express her artistic vision. Her images evoke a sense of mystery in her constant search for beauty. The focused, creative and respectful way in which she uses the medium of photography to creating her works seems to fit in the tradition of Japanese art that is characterized by the specifically Japanese sense of beauty, wabi sabi. (…) According to her, photography captures moments and freezes them; printing impressions is like playing with the sense of time and getting lost in its timeline. » (Ibasho Gallery) Kajioka’s work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Kajioka’s latest book ‘so it goes’ won Prix Nadar in October 2019.



"Observatories" is the moniker of Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall.


Born in the United Kingdom, Ian Hawgood spent most of his adult life living in Japan, Italy and Poland. Currently he calls Peacehaven (on the south coast, near Brighton) his home. Since 2009, he’s well-known with his work as the curator of the Home Normal label. He makes music using an array of reel-to-reel and tape machines in his studio by the sea, where he also master works for many labels and artists alike. You could often catch him on the coast with his faithful Nagra recorder, hydrophone and field microphones. These days his focus of music is on decayed ambient works using old synths and reels mostly, alongside his childhood piano.


Craig Tattersall is a former member of The Remote Viewer and Famous Boyfriend bandmate Andrew Johnson. Tattersall's music can be found these days more often under his alias The Humble Bee; as a founder member of The Boats; and in his collaborative works with the likes of Bill Seaman in The Seaman And The Tattered Sail. He has run the wonderful label Cotton Goods from 2008 to 2015 and since 2009 he has recorded 12 albums on his moniker The Humble Bee.



Initiated by IIKKI, between August 2019 and January 2021,

Flowers Bloom, Butterflies Come is their dialog. 


               E D I T I O N

  • Book: limited edition to 750 copies, hand numbered & hand stamped. 

      hardcover book (24 cm x 22 cm), 96 pages, 93 photos, printed on Munken Print Cream            115g/m2, logo, slot and circle embossed,

      matt laminate and selective varnish finish. 

      weight: 0,55 Kg

      ISBN: 978-2-9572018-3-9


  • Vinyl: limited edition to 300 copies, hand numbered. 

      Cutting Lacquer, 12'' black vinyl, matt laminated outer sleeve + selective varnish printed on          350gm paper, transparent inner. mastered by Ian Hawgood.

  • Cd: limited edition to 200 copies, glass mastered. hand numbered.

      selective UV varnish outer sleeve

      mastered by Ian Hawgood.

      available: SOLD OUT



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