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F O R  A  F L E E T I N G  M O M E N T

P H O T O G R A P H Y :  S I M O N E  K A P P E L E R

M U S I C :  T O M O T S U G U. N A K A M U R A

J U L Y  0 1  S T , 2 0 2 4  ( P R E - O R D E R :  M A Y  2 8  T H )


"For A Fleeting Moment" (IIKKI 024) came naturally as a one shot series on IIKKI with "Té De Flores Silvestres" (IIKKI 025) focused exclusively on polaroid photo works and the various possibilities to explore this medium.



Born in 1952 in Frauenfeld (Switzerland) where she lives and works, Simone Kappeler started taking pictures at the age of 11. After studying German literature and art history, she studied photography at the Zurich University of the Arts. During a three-month trip to the United States in 1981, she took her first pictures using cheap cameras, especially the Diana camera.

Hasselblad, Leica, Diana, Brownie, Polaroid, disposable camera, expired or infrared films, since 1970, Simone Kappeler has explored all types of photographic techniques. Her work, experimental and poetic, reveals to us the curiously foreign world that surrounds us.

Since 1982, ongoing projects in southern France and the Grisons.1982/83, studio in New York, conceptual photography and Super 8 films. 1983/84, theater photographer, Schauspielhaus Zürich. 2009, six-week photographic study of Japan, 2015 studio in New York.
Her work was the subject of a first monograph:
"Seile. Fluss. Nacht. Fotografien 1964–2011", edited by Hatje Cantz and is regularly exhibited in Galleries and Museum in Europe and United States.

For A Fleeting Moment is her first book gathered exclusively a part of her wide polaroid works from 2011 to 2023.


Tomotsugu Nakamura is a musician and graphic designer residing in Tokyo, Japan. His primary artistic practice is to compose music with some fragments of minimal acoustic and electronic tones and some field recordings. In Concert, he he has played with various genre of musicians and his works have been released by Kaico, Audiobulb Records, and more recently by the French label LAAPS.



Initiated by IIKKI, between March 2023 and May 2024,

For A Fleeting Moment is their dialog. 


               E D I T I O N

  • Book: limited edition to 700 copies, hand numbered & hand stamped. first edition and only edition (no re-print). hardcover book (19 cm x 22,5 cm), 104 pages, 66 photos printed on Glossy Modern Paper 170g/m2, front cover points and back cover logo embossed, selective UV varnish (front + back)

     weight: 0,75 Kg

     ISBN: 978-2-9586157-3-4

  • Vinyl: limited edition to 250 copies, first pressing and only pressing (no re-press), hand numbered, selective UV varnish. Cutting lacquer, 12'' white vinyl, matt outer sleeve + printed on 300gm paper, black inner sleeve. mastered by Taylor Deupree.

  • Cd: handmade limited edition to 150 copies, glass mastered. digisleeve: white cardboard 300 gm. outside : adhesive glossy paper. hand numbered.

      mastered by Taylor Deupree.

      available: HERE


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